Grand National Champion "Best of the Best" Competition


2000 Winner Sonney Brown and his 1974 Pickup

     “Best of the Best” The Grand National Champion was first selected at the 10th Nationals, This honor was chosen from all the Best of Show IH Truck Winners from all the other Regional IH Scout & Truck Shows that are held all over the nation & throughout the year. This exciting program helps promote ALL the Regional Shows & the Nationals even more.

     A certificate for each Regional Show is made available to present to each Regional BEST OF SHOW winner. The certificate entitles the regional Best of Show winner to a free entry to the Annual IH Scout & Light Truck Nationals held at the Clark County Fairgrounds, Springfield, Ohio. The regional Best of Show winner will represent the best from the regional show a will qualify for the “Best of the Best” Grand National Championship Show IH Vehicle Competition at the Nationals. Only Best of Show winners from selected regional shows and the Participant chosen Best of show winner from the Last Years Nationals will be competing for the prestigious award.

     We believe this competition will be very healthy & thought of in spirit of good sportsmanship & fun. A Panel of Sponsors and judges will have the task of judging and selecting the Grand National Champion from all the Fine IH Vehicles that will be participating from the Regional IH Truck  Shows.

     At this Time the Regional Shows included in the contest are: The Dixie IH Regionals, Arizona IH Rendezvous, Western IH Regionals, Midwest Classic, East Coast Scout & light Truck Regionals,  Rocky Mountain IH Rendezvous, Northwest Binders Roundup, Triple Diamond Fourwheelers-Eastern PA Truck Show, Great Western Binder Bee,  Sierra Fall IH Rallye, Sunflower IH Family Reunion, Binder Bash & the Nationals Participant chosen Best of show.  We will ad winners from other Regional IH Truck shows as long as we know about them in advance.

John Glancy